• Welcome to Ms. Schaeper's Art Room!

     Las Palmas Bobcats!
    2012-2013 School Year
    Students always remember:
    Be Responsible
    Be Respectful
    Be Prepared
    Ms. Schaeper's 2012-2013 School Schedule:
    7:45-8:30am -Planning/Conference period
    8:30-9:15am-1st grade art
    9:20-10:05am-2nd grade art
    10:10-10:55am-kindergarten art
    10:55-11:25am-Lunch period
    11:25-11:50am-Lunch Moniter
    11:50-12:35pm-3rd grade art
    12:40-1:25pm-5th grade art
    1:30-2:15pm-4th grade art
    Feel free to contact me via email or phone to set up a conference time. I am open 7:45-8:30am, I can also make afternoon conferences.

    Art is Fun!