• Compadres for Scholarships

    Our organization sponsors over 30 less fortunate families in the EISD for
    Thanksgiving and Christmas annually.

    Throughout the years we have been able to succeed in this endeavor because of people like you who
    help us do so.
    Your support is always needed in helping us meet our goals, as in the past, this year,
    and in the years to come.

    Our original purpose has always been to honor our fellow classmates who served in the military, especially those from our class who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. From there years ago, we came to realize that there was a tremendous need to help families from EISD. From seniors graduating and pursuing college, to children in elementary schools who need to feel the Spirit of Christmas even when there are hard times and finances are not available. Because we have all been there and know the rewards of making a difference in the life of one child, one graduate, one family at a time if necessary, we are asking you to please join us by supporting our cause in so many different ways.

    For any questions or comments, please call

    Ruben Rendon, President 210-382-9256 or Juan Martinez, Vice President 210-386-7092


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Last Modified on February 7, 2016