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    Brentwood Middle School

    Mr. Gabriel F. Isaac
    210-444-7675  x-7685
    Phase Completion


    This is an exciting year, as I am beginning my foray into the wolrd of Library Science.

    Aside from that, I will also be in charge of the ESL class on campus.

    Additionally, I am coaching 8th Grade Volleyball and Girls' Basketball, plus 7th Grade Boys' Basketball.

    While I am no longer a classroom teacher, I will take advantage of my new role in the school to offer my expertise as a minor technology assistant and help create a yearbook.
    My goal is to provide an assist to all teachers on campus as a means of creating a positive teaching environment for all students.
    San Antonio,Texas

    Product of:
    Edgewood Independent School District
    • Hoelscher Elementary
    • Brentwood Middle School
    • Kennedy High School
    San Antonio College
    • Associates Degree
    University of Texas at San Antonio
    • Bachelor’s Degree in English
    • Teacher Certification for Secondary English

    Teaching certifications
    • Secondary English
    • ESL

    Relevant work experience
    Teach at St. Philip’s College during the summer under the Continuing Education department.






    I've been in Edgewood since 1999.  After cutting my teeth at Kennedy, I found my 1st full year at Gus Garcia, and have since been a teacher for all secondary schools in the district.

    I have fond memories of my time at every port, but I am home in this Viking ship.  See, Brentwood is home because I attended Brentwood, and Brentwood is the place where my wonder of teaching began. As we Vikings set sail for this 2018-2019 School Year, I find myself overlooking the vastness of the library. 

    Libraries have often been my favorite places in every school I've attended.  Now, this library is my office.

    I attended Brentwood for my 6th – 8thgrades, and really value the lessons and directions the faculty and staff showed me.

    During my time in the Edgewood ISD, I have taught at all secondary levels, and have helped guide great students to believe in themselves, which is exactly what I endeavor to do this year.

    I carry with me past success based on rigorous expectations, which I learned from my professors at Brentwood, Kennedy, San Antonio College, and the Universityof Texas at San Antonio. To be honest, everything I completed at SAC and UTSA was based on what I learned at Kennedy and Brentwood.

    Hardwork is its own reward, but hard work is impossible without being true to you.  Your students will learn the value of hardwork is success.