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    District Mission Statement:
    Edgewood ISD provides an exceptional learning experience that engages, empowers, and prepares students to compete and reach their highest potential in an ever-changing World.
    “A world class educational environment capitalizes on the strength of its teachers and engages students in their own learning”
    The MISSION of Gus Garcia Middle School is to provide students with a quality education in a safe supportive environment in partnership with parents and the community. 
    VISION STATEMENT: Gus Garcia Middle School will be the premier campus for preparing students for high school, college, a variety careers, and life.
    CORE VALUES: Pride, Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Integrity 
    Seventh Grade Texas History will focus on the study of Texas, it's Government, Economics, Geography, and Culture along with our connection to the History of the United States.
    In the following pages you will find web sites that will help the students with their lessons.
    There is also a page where you will find some personal history on me, where I come from, where I attended school, and what my teaching history is.
    Of particular help for students will be the Instructional Resources page. Here the students will find material specific to the content being covered and also preparation material for help on the Unit tests and benchmark test. Testing will roughly be about every 4 weeks.
    I have a blog page with material posted regarding content connected to learning objectives, topics of study, and material being covered. I hope that you will post constructive feedback on these topics.
    You will also find a page that displays student work which showcases topics being covered and examples of the good job students are doing.
     We Are EDGEWOOD Proud
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  • Phase Completion

    This Edgewood ISD employee has demonstrated technology proficiency by completing the EISD's Technology Assessments and the Web Portfolio.
    Edgewood's Technology Assessments are based on SBEC's Technology Applications Standards for Teachers. SBEC's Technology Applications Standards are divided into eleven standards, however, regular classroom teachers are only required to demonstrate proficiency in Standards I - V.  These standards outline the basic knowledge and skills a teacher needs in order to be proficient in a 21st century classroom. Standards VI - XI are reserved for high school computer science teachers.
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