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    Introductory page, otherwise known as your home-page. Place information on this page that would be useful to visitors. All subsequent pages will hyperlink back to the home-page. This page must have the five elements of a good home page:
    Banner – a good home-page should contain a banner that immediately identifies the name of the web site. The banner provided at the top of this page Welcomes the user to your page You may edit this if you wish.
    Body – a good home-page should include a greeting in the body. This page introduces the viewer to the contents of the page. This may be a table of contents leading you to other pages, or it may be a page of text. Pages may also have image maps--pictures or graphics, which might link to other pages.
    Content – most of the body content on a good home-page is viewable when the page initially opens. The viewer does not have to scroll down to gain an understanding of what the page is about. However, the information on the page is interesting enough to cause the viewer to want to scroll down and read more.


    Navigation – a good home-page provides the viewer with the ability to navigate from one page to another through-out the web site. This can be accomplished with hyperlinked buttons, text, or graphics. Every page throughout the web site will automatically link to each other.


    Footer – a good home-page should have a footer that provides update information and copyright information. This footer should also appear on all web pages within a web site.
    Note: It is important to take your audience into consideration when designing your web site. Choose a color scheme and a font size that is pleasing to the eye and is easy to read. Avoid backgrounds that make reading difficult. The text color in the body should be a color that creates enough contrast with the color of the background.
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