Employee Incentives

Learn more about the competitive incentives we provide to our employees below.

Attendance Program

Buy Back Program

Longevity Stipend

Attendance Program

It pays to be at work! Get perfect attendance or near-perfect attendance at work and you can receive an incentive stipend!

The Attendance Program stipend will become effective January 9, 2023, for the Spring semester.

The Edgewood ISD’s Perfect Attendance Program rewards employees who meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a full-time employee 
  • Complete the semester/contract year 
  • No more than “0”, “1”, or “2” absences in the school year

Excused absences include: 

  • Professional Development 
  • Jury Duty or Compliance with a Subpoena 
  • School Business 
  • Non-Duty Days as Described in DEC Local

Perfect Attendance Stipend:

  • After the end of the Spring semester, all employees with “0” absences will receive their stipend (see table below) on their July paycheck.

“Near” Perfect Attendance Stipend:

  • After the end of the Spring Semester, all employees with “1 or 2” absences will receive a stipend (see table below) on their July paycheck.

Employees who separate before the end of their work calendar shall be ineligible.

Attendance Incentive Stipend
 Number of Absences   Spring Semester  Total Payout
 0 days $500  $500 
 1 day  $300  $300
 2 days $100   $100

Buy Back Program
The intent of the Buy Back program is to encourage employee attendance and to reward employee retention with the Edgewood ISD. Employees who retire from Edgewood ISD may apply for buyback of unused earned local and state leave under terms which recognize length of service in Edgewood ISD – see Buy Back rates below:

buy back chart

The Buy Back of Leave Agreement Form must be completed and submitted to the Human Resources Department at least 30 days prior to the retirement date. Please contact the Payroll Department for information on accrued leave days. 
Longevity Stipend

Edgewood ISD will be issuing a Retention Stipend based on the longevity of an employee’s length of commitment to the district. To be eligible for the Longevity Retention Stipend, an employee must be a full-time employee.

Note: part-time, substitute teachers and/or temporary workers are not eligible for the retention stipend.

The Retention Stipend is broken down by tier based on the years of service with Edgewood ISD.

This stipend will be paid out in the month of December and in the month of June and will be in addition to the employee’s base salary.

 Tier  Years in District  Payout
Tier 1 0 - 5 $100
Tier 2 6 - 10  $200
Tier 3 11 - 15 $300
Tier 4 16 - 20 $400
Tier 5 21 - 25 $500
Tier 6 26 - 30 $600
Tier 7 30+ $700