Graffiti is a costly problem that affects everyone in the community. Graffiti can drive down property values, discourage new businesses from opening and send a message that nobody cares about the community. Although graffiti is a common problem today, it does not mean that we have to accept it.

Things you can do

You can do your part to help wipe out graffiti by reporting graffiti to the proper authorities. If you would like to report graffiti on EISD property please call EISD PD dispatch at (210) 898-2025. If you would like to report graffiti that is not on EISD property please call (210) 207-SAPD. If the graffiti you are reporting is in progress please include this information in your call to ensure that the call is routed properly.

The City of San Antonio has several programs in place to help keep your neighborhood graffiti free. To learn more call 311 or the Code Enforcement Division at (210) 207-5430 or follow this link: