Call for Quality Schools

Create an Innovation Partnership with Edgewood ISD

Edgewood ISD is dedicated to providing our families with a diverse portfolio of school choice options that are specifically designed to provide a personalized learning approach for each of our unique students.  In EISD, students always have a choice when it comes to selecting their school.  Within our 5 Innovation Zones, students can choose from dynamic programs such as STEAM, Leadership, Single Gender, Public Service, Dual Language (one way or two way), PTECH, ECHS, Fine Arts, International Baccalaureate (coming soon), and a college and career readiness program for 18+ special needs students.  This fall, we will also introduce a new alternative school blended learning program!

 The EISD Office of Transformation and Innovation executes the Annual Call for Quality Schools to identify high-capacity educators and partner organizations to incubate new, replicate successful, and restart struggling schools with a focus on autonomous networks.  Through Senate Bill 1882, district-authorized operating partnerships for our Innovation Schools are granted the autonomy to transform selected campuses through high-quality staffing, a rigorous research-based educational plan, and increased resources. We invite you to review the documents on this page and start the partnership process with us.   

Participating Schools