Classlink for Students

Students access all of their district software and resources through Classlink (if AUP granting permission is on file)! Classlink offers single sign-on access to Office 365, HMH, Renaissance Learning, Dreambox, Library database resources, Ebooks and more! Students can access Classlink from home or school via a computer or mobile device.

How Do Students Login?

classlink (Shortcut is available under District website > Students tab)
Pre-K through 2nd Grade can login using their Quick Login Cards
3rd - 12th Grade can login using their personal username and password (pictured above)

What do I do if a student does not have a Quick Card?
If student does not have an account, a signed copy of the student's AUP should be emailed to [email protected] and he will create the account for the student.

To Download the Classlink App
Download Classlink App for iPhone (School Code - edgewood)
Download Classlink App for Android (School Code - edgewood)

classlink app