Classlink for Students

Students access all of their district software and resources through Classlink (if AUP granting permission is on file)! Classlink offers single sign-on access to Office 365, HMH, Renaissance Learning, Dreambox, Library database resources, Ebooks and more! Students can access Classlink from home or school via a computer or mobile device.

How Do Students Login?

classlink (Shortcut is available under District website > Students tab)
Pre-K through 2nd Grade can login using their Quick Login Cards
3rd - 12th Grade can login using their personal username and password (pictured above)

What do I do if a student does not have a Quick Card?
If student does not have an account, a signed copy of the student's AUP should be emailed to and he will create the account for the student.

To Download the Classlink App
Download Classlink App for iPhone (School Code - edgewood)
Download Classlink App for Android (School Code - edgewood)

classlink app