Research Requests

Conduct Research in Edgewood ISD

Edgewood ISD supports high-quality research efforts, especially in areas that will improve its educational practices and outcomes. EISD's application process was established to: (a) Coordinate external projects with on-going research conducted by the district, (b) protect staff and students from unnecessary or redundant data collections, (c) review research and in light of current laws covering privacy of information, and (d) assure that external research projects are of value to the district and to education in general.

Please Read - Before you Proceed

  • Public Information Act Requests (i.e., any existing information or reports) should be directed to the Human Resources Department
  • You must submit an application if your research project includes collecting or using individual-level data from or about EISD students, staff or parents.
  • Active consent for student participation must be obtained from parents/guardians before data can be collected or any individually identifiable student information can be released. Relevant consent documents must be prepared in both English and Spanish.
  • No data collection is allowed on testing days. Be sure to consult the district testing calendar.
  • Individual students, staff, or schools may not be identified in any research product published as result of the conducted research.

Required Forms

All three required forms need to be completed and signed. Missing forms or signatures may lead to automatic rejection of the request


Should you have any further questions about the research request process or the forms please contact

Robert J. Miller, Ph.D. (Director)
Department of Research and Evaluation
Edgewood Service Center
900 S San Eduardo Ave
San Antonio, TX 78237

Phone: (210) 444-8149
Fax: (210) 444-8104