Gifted Myths

1. Myth: All gifted people are gifted in EVERY area.

Fact: Some people are gifted in only one area (art, math, writing, leadership, etc.) while others are gifted in multiple areas. Gifted individuals are not good at every thing.

2. Myth: Gifted individuals are very organized in whatever they do.

Fact: While some are organized, many do struggle with organizational skills.

3. Myth: Gifted students get everything the first time.

Fact: This might be true with some things, but there are other areas where they need to have the material presented several times.

4. Myth: It is not possible for a gifted student to have a disability.

Fact: There are some gifted individuals who struggle with a learning or behavioral disability. These individuals are known as twice exceptional or 2E.

5. Myth: Gifted students are always well behaved.

Fact: Just because a person is gifted doesn't mean that they will automatically sit still and behave in different settings.

6. Myth: Gifted students are motivated to do whatever they are given.

Fact: Many gifted students are highly motivated when they are doing something that interests them. If it is something that they are not interested in or think is boring they might struggle to complete the activity, because they struggle with motivation in completing the activity.

7. Myth: Gifted students make good grades.

Fact: While many do some do not. This can be due for many reasons such as not turning in assignments, not completing assignments, not listening to instructions, etc. Every child is different and every child will have a different reason why their grades are low.

8. Myth: Gifted students should not have problems focusing.

Fact: Some gifted students DO have problems focusing and for these students they might hyperfocus, a strong focus on an activity that takes a complete focus on only that task and nothing else and can sometimes be difficult to switch to another activity.