GED FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do the new exams cost?

The four content areas cost $36.25 each, for a total of $145. Payment is mandatory to schedule an exam. You can register and pay for one exam at a time. If you fail an exam, you can retake the exam two times for $20 within twelve months of the original failed attempt. After the first three attempts, you have to wait an additional 60 days between retakes.

2. How do I find the nearest testing center to me?
You no longer need to contact the testing center directly. When you log into to schedule the test, the registration system tells you the testing centers in your area and the test times available.

3. What language options does the new test have?
The 2014 series exams are available in English and Spanish.

4. Can I take the exams in more than one language in Texas?
Yes. Beginning with the 2014 series, you will be able to choose the language for each individual exam. As long as the minimum passing score is met for each content area, a combination of languages can qualify for a credential. The new certificate will note in which language each content area was taken.

5. When will I receive my scores?
Currently, most scores are available within a few hours of testing. Log back in to and click on My Scores in the blue bar at the top or Get your Scores on your Scores tile.

6. How will I receive my initial Certificate of High School Equivalency with scores?
Typically within five days of passing your 2014 series exams, the Texas Education Agency issues your State of Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency. TEA emails a PDF file of your certificate to the email address used to register for the exams. TEA no longer mails certificates through the US Postal Service.

7. How do I get my current scores to finish testing?
If you began testing after January 1, 2014, you established a login (your email address) and password as part of the registration process. To review your scores, go to If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password to receive an email with a new temporary password.

8. Can I take the high school equivalency exams on paper?
Beginning January 1, 2014, you must take the high school equivalency exams on computer at official testing centers. Paper-based testing is no longer available.

9. Can I take the high school equivalency exams online?
No. All exams are taken at computer-based testing centers. To register, go to

10. Will my 2002 series scores remain valid for the new 2014 test series?
No. You cannot combine scores from different test series. All incomplete 2002 GED test series scores expired on December 31, 2013. If you did not complete your testing, you need to complete and pass all four exams in the 2014 test series.

11. Are accommodations available for the new exams?
Yes. Modified testing conditions are available. When the test-taker is registering at, answer yes when asked "Do you need to request accommodated testing conditions for a documented disability?" and you will receive further instructions via email. For detailed information on accommodations, please go to GED Testing Service Accommodations.

12. Can I buy a voucher to pay for the GED exams?
For voucher purchase information, please visit Pearson Vouchers. This GED Testing Voucher FAQ provides additional information.