GED Eligibility Requirements

A resident of the state who has not graduated from an accredited high school is eligible to take the high school equivalency test per Texas Education Code, Section 7.111 in accordance with rules promulgated by the State Board of Education. Eligibility requirements for high school equivalency testing are defined in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part 2, Chapter 89, Subchapter C, Rule §89.43.

High School Equivalency Test Requirements:

In order to take the high school equivalency exams, the test-taker must

have a government (national or foreign) issued photo ID, such as one of the following:

  • state driver license,
  • Department of Public Safety identification card,
  • military ID,
  • passport,
  • U.S. passport card, or
  • matrícula consular;
  • provide proof of residency in Texas, which could be a:

  • Texas driver license,
  • utility bill showing a Texas address, or
  • bank statement showing a Texas address;
  • be 18 years of age;
  • not be enrolled in an accredited high school; and
  • not be a high school graduate from an accredited high school.
  • Submit these forms on behalf of 16 and 17-year-old test-takers who qualify for an exception to take the GED exams before the age of 18. For additional information, please visit Eligibility Requirements.

    Please review the following prior to submitting your forms:

    Initiate the registration process at An alert message will provide a link to this forms page.

    You are responsible for directing the local public school, parent, guardian, public agency, or court to the required forms.

    The local public school, parent, guardian, public agency or court must submit the document following the instructions located at the bottom of this page.

    Upon receipt and verification of all required forms, TEA staff will clear the alert. You can log back into to complete the registration process and schedule your exams.

    17-Year-Old Test-Takers

    In order to be approved to test at age 17, two forms must be submitted on your behalf. One form documents that you are not currently enrolled in high school and the other provides an adult's consent.

    High School Non-Enrollment

    Important: The test-taker must ensure the appropriate party submits one of the following documents:

    The local public high school must complete and submit the High School Non-Enrollment Form (PDF). This form verifies that the you have either withdrawn from the school, or have never enrolled in the high school. You may have never enrolled because you were:

    home schooled,

    private schooled,

    new to area, or

    educated in other countries.

    Signed withdrawal documentation can be submitted in place of the non-enrollment form. Scan and email this documentation following the instructions at the bottom of this page.

    Parental Consent

    Important: In addition to the above required document, the test-taker must also ensure the appropriate party submits one of the following documents:

    For 17-year-old test-takers with a parent or guardian, the parent or guardian (not the test-taker) must complete the form below:

    Parent or Guardian Consent of 17-Year-Old Test-Taker (PDF)

    For eligible homeless 17-year-olds, scan and email a notarized copy of the form below:

    17-Year-Old Test-Taker Eligibility based on the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act


    If you are married, entered into military service, declared an adult by the court, or have otherwise legally severed the child-parent relationship, you may email supporting documentation confirming your status as married, a soldier, legal adult, etc. by following the directions below. Please provide your contact information with these documents.

    Court-Ordered 16 and 17-Year-Old Test-Takers

    A court-ordered 16 or 17-year-old test-taker can use one of the following methods:

    A representative of the public agency or court can submit the

    Court Ordered 16 or 17 year-old Form (PDF).

    Scan and email the court order requiring you to test following the instructions at the bottom of this page.

    Instructions for Submitting Documents to TEA

    NOTE: Use Accellion Secure File Sharing when sending secure information to the agency. Accellion is a web-based interface that allows you to share files securely with recipients both inside and outside of your organization. Select the link below to create an Accellion account.

    Use this Accellion link to create a new account. Step-by-step instructions are listed under the link titled, Getting Started? Once an account has been created you will have the ability to draft an e-mail, attach a file or files, and then send the e-mail to [email protected].