Work Related Injury Procedures

Please see the procedures below that the Risk Management Office has in place for work-related injuries. In order for an injured employee's medical and lost time wages to be covered under workers compensation, the procedures below must be followed:
  • Employees should report ALL work-related incidents to campus administration even if they are not seeking medical treatment. They should report the incident on the day of the occurrence. If the incident happens after hours, the employee should report the incident the following work day. Please note that ALL injuries should be reported, even if you think that the injury is questionable.

  • When campus administration is notified of the incident, an accident/incident report should be submitted to the Risk Management Department via Laserfiche. If the campus is unable to submit the report on the day of the incident, the campus should contact the Risk Management Office to inform us about the injury and that a report will be forthcoming. Each campus should have three designees that are authorized to submit an accident/incident report via Laserfiche.

  • If an employee needs medical attention, they will need to go to a doctor or facility that is part of the Political Subdivision Worker Compensationton Alliance (the Alliance). An employee does not have the option of going to their own doctor if the doctor is not part of the network. Any treatment out of the network will not be paid for through workers compensation. Please note if the employee chooses to go through their personal insurance for the injury, their medical carrier will deny the claim due to it being a work related injury. If an employee needs to go to the doctor, they will need to go through the Risk Management Office to receive authorization for treatment. The employee can either come to the Risk Management Office to receive the authorization OR the campus can contact the Risk Management Office to let us know which clinic the employee will be going to so that a treatment authorization form can be faxed to that clinic. If emergency treatment is needed, the employee can go to any Non- Military ER facility.

  • After receiving medical treatment, the employee will need to come to the Risk Management Office in order to be cleared to return back to work. The employee should NOT be allowed to return back to the campus until they are cleared by our office.

  • If an employee loses any time from work due to an on the job injury, they will need to complete an Election of Leave Form with our office. An individual is not eligible for lost time wages (temporary income benefits) through workers compensation until they experience seven days of lost time. An employee will need to indicate on the Election of Leave Form whether or not they are choosing to use any of their earned leave while they are out recovering from the injury. If an employee is out more than five days, they will need to contact the Human Resources Department so that they can be placed on a protective leave of absence (Family Medical Leave or Temporary Disability Leave).

  • Please note that the Accident/Incident Report should only be completed for injuries/incidents involving District employees. If a non-employee (student, parent, volunteer, etc.) is injured at your campus, an incident report should be completed with Edgewood ISD Police Department. If there should be any questions, please have the individual contact the Risk Management Office

  • If you should have any questions, please contact the Risk Management Office Staff:

  • Valerie Galan, Risk Manager 210-444-4561

  • Eleonora Mujica, Risk Management Specialist 210-444-4556

  • Luisa Sanchez, Risk Management Specialist 210-444-4549