Jackson Financial 457 Annuity Agent

On March 27th, the Board of Managers approved Jackson Financial as the new agent for the 457 annuity plan. The Jackson Financial team of agents bring decades of experience and powerful information to the teacher and school employees to ensure that every employee receives the best education possible when it comes to their entitlements and benefits.

After years in corporate America, banking, and owning multiple hospitality based business, Elmo Jackson founded Jackson Financial in 1998. With nearly twenty years of experience, Elmo had guided hundreds of people through the retirement maze and led them into a successful retirement.

Scott Jackson joined Jackson Financial in 2001 while still attending UTSA. Scott helped modernize the company and bring it into the internet age. Upon graduation in 2004, Scott started to work with TRS employees as an advisor and has helped many educators recognize and take advantage of the programs available to them. His goal is to ensure all working teachers and employees retire with dignity and peace of mind.

Jackson Financial works hand in hand with Elite Plus who are a part of an exclusive network of Plan Member Financial Centers that work with educators in every career stage, from just starting out to living in retirement on issues such as retirement planning and investment strategies. In addition to offering group meetings and one on one sessions with employees, Jackson Financial offers periodic webinars and online presentations on topics such as retirement planning, tax management, savings plans, and strategies for existing employees. They also offer to accompany employees considering retirement to their meeting with the Teacher Retirement System in Austin.

The Jackson Financial team of agents will be conducting informative meetings at the campuses/departments in the upcoming months. If you should have any questions in the meantime about how a 457 annuity plan works or about enrolling in the plan, please feel free to get in touch with them at:


Phone: 1.800.357.6246
Email: scott@jacksonfinancialtx.com