What Parents Can Do At Home

Ways to Help at Home

¨ Read aloud to your child everyday.

¨ Listen to your child read easy books everyday.

¨ Emphasize your child's strengths.

¨ To assist your child with homework, provide a quiet place with materials/supplies (books, pencils, pens, dictionary).

¨ If necessary, read assignments to your child and check for understanding.

¨ Act as your child's secretary-record assignments as your child dictates them to you.

¨ Help your child plan break times as needed.

¨ Keep instructions simple. Give one direction at a time. Ask your child to repeat instructions aloud to check for understanding.

¨ Stay in contact with your child's teacher. Be aware of accommodations/modifications occurring on the classroom.

¨ Seek alternative assignment methods such as computers, tapes, and oral reports rather than written reports for every evaluation.