Form to Request Access to txGRADEBOOK ADMIN ACCOUNT Please select the link and download to view video.

How to set up a New Teacher Account for txGRADEBOOK

How to Set up Categories for txGRADEBOOK

Mass Activation for Teachers

Administrator's Access for txGRADEBOOK Information:

Data Clerks:

Before an employee can be set up for access to the txGRADEBOOK as a administrator, they must have all their information enter in iTCCS under screen WST0160 - Principal/Counselor/Administrator Maintenance.

The following information must be completed on this screen:

Campus Number, Social Security Number, Last/First Name, and Work E-mail Address.


All Administrators Access for txGRADEBOOK must have the administrators permission.

All requestors will be verified before receiving access to the txGRADEBOOK.

Teachers do not need to apply for access. Teachers will automatically set up their

As an employee of the Edgewood Independent School district, I agree to follow the regulations below while using the computers or online terminals to EISD student information system (iTCCS).

1. I will keep my account password private, and I will log on and off the network after I have personally logged in. I understand that all activity using my personal GED security password is my responsibility.

2. I will at all times use technology in a moral and ethical manner and I will observe network etiquette.

3. I will at all times adhere to respecting the confidentiality of the student data I am processing.

4. I understand that under no circumstances will I violate the Family Privacy Act regarding student information. As such, I will not divulge or print any information on any student without the express written consent of the principal/director.

5. I understand that activity on my account may be periodically monitored by the EISD PEIMS/iTCCS Security Administrator.

6. I understand that any violation of these security procedures will be reported to my immediate supervisor and my employment may be jeopardized.