A food allergy is defined as a abnormal immune response to food. For some people, the reponse is mild while for others it can be a servere life threatening reaction requiring an epi pen. Although people can be allergic to any type of food, the 8 most common food allergens include milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and wheat/gluten. Students who exhibit signs of a food allergy are encouraged to see a specialist for confirmation and treatment plan. Students with severe food allergies needing a menu modification are suggested to either have a Dietary Request Form filled out by a medical authority or are encouraged to bring lunch from home.

Foods containing potential food allergens from the 8 most common allergens are listed in the Reference Guide. This document is to be used as a resource only and is not a guarentee of ingredients in all foods. Products stocks by Edgewood ISD are subjust to change due to supplier changes or substitutions out of our control. Manufacturers may also change formulation without our knowledge. Parents are welcome to look at any ingredient label on food products onsite with the school cafeteria manager.

Edgewood ISD tries to avoid products known to contain peanuts as an ingredient. We do not contact food manufacturers to determine if food items are manufactured in a plant where peanuts, treenuts, or any other allergens may be present in trace amounts. Therefore, we cannot guarentee that foods purchased have not been in contact with allergens during manufacturing.


Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT)

Food Allery Research & Education (FARE)

Peanut Allergy Facts