Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs for Students with Disabilities

Under USDA regulations, Edgewood ISD Child Nutrition Services is required to provide menu modifications and/or substitutions to students with life threatening allergies, or for students with disabilities that restrict thier diet.

Menu changes may be provided for:

1) Students with a documented 504 Plan specifying a special dietary need.

2) Students that that a disease or food allergy that is life threatening

If a student meets either of these 2 definitions, a recognized medical authority (i.e. physicians, physician assistants or nurse practitioners) must fill out the Dietary Request Form. Parent/Guardian must also sign form to give consent to plan of care.

The Dietary Request Form must include:

  • Explanation of student's disability and major life activity affected
  • The food or foods to be omitted from the child's diet; and
  • The food or choices of foods to be substituted

Please send signed and completed form to your school nurse. Then the school nurse will forward to cafeteria manager and district Dietitian. The Dietitian will review the form and follow up with parent/guardian for further plan of care.

*Dietary Request Forms are active for the life of a student's academic time and can only be discontinued by an authorized medical authority. We still encourage parents/guardians to obtain a new form each year to ensure medical needs are met and up to date.*

Special Dietary Needs for Students without Disabilities

Edgewood ISD Child Nutrition Services may but is NOT required to make requested menu substitutions for students who do not have a documented medical disability or life threatening food allergy. Most special meal requests can be accommodated by OVS (Offer-vs-Serve) and variety of menu.

Milk Substititions

Lactaid milk (lactose free milk) and Soy Milk is available for all students with and without a medical disability who cannot tolerate milk. Only a parent signature is required on the Dietary Request Form. Please keep in mind that milk is not required to be taken as part of the Offer-vs-Serve regulation. Students may choose juice when offered as a fruit component in the meal or drink water from fountain/reusable bottle.

*Milk substitutions specified on the dietary request form are active for the life of a student's academic time and can only be discontinued by a signed parent note granting consent*

For questions or concerns contact our district Dietitian:

Priscilla Luna Delgado, RD, LD

(210) 444-7976