New Technology Equipment Q&A

2018-2019 School Year will start off with a lot of new technology for teachers and students! Please use this page as a guide and resource to help connect the docking station, monitor, laptop and projector. Administrators and librarians should be the first point of contact if there are any concerns or questions.

We look forward to supporting the full implementation of hardware and software for the interactive learning experiences that our students will encounter!

Use the guides below to assemble the monitor to the docking station and all of the corresponding cables to their appropriate input and laptop.

1. First you will want to snap the monitor onto the respective prongs on the docking station.
2. Connect the respective cables to the back of the monitor as shown


3. Next, attach the cables shown below into their respective inputs.

bottom back

4. Lastly, connect the dock to the laptop


5. Once you turn the laptop on, you should find that the display will mirror to your monitor and projector. Ensure that the projector is on and and the source search button has been pressed in order to mirror.

Troubleshooting Tips:
The laptop may need to be restarted several times in order to "work" correctly. As policies are pushed out remotely to the machines, it may take a few rounds of restarting the laptop to ensure that everything has been pushed through.

Will TimeClock be on the new laptops?

TimeClock is not on the new laptops at this time. Once the equipment has gone out to all campuses and the project is finalized, the software will be pushed out remotely by Technology.

What will be done with returned equipment?

The equipment will be inspected by Technology technicians and if deemed reusable, it must be reimaged. After it has been reimaged it will be repurposed.

Will my students receive iPads or laptops?

Pre-K through 2nd Grade will have student iPads

3rd - 12th Grade will have student laptops in their classrooms

Pre-determined Core-Content Classrooms will receive the new charging storage units with 12 (elementary) or 15 (secondary) laptops to keep in their respective classrooms.

Can I have a desktop and a laptop for teacher use?

Teachers will only be issued laptops. New laptops include the following: docking station, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Which staff members will receive a new laptop?

In most cases it will be core-content teachers who have already been determined by administrators. However, ALL teachers will be issued a laptop that should be within the acceptable district standards.