Intellectual Properties

Intellectual Properties, Copyright and Fair Use

Cyberbee: Student Copyright Q&A
Nicholas Negroponte: Copyright law quote
Nina Paley: The Copyright Song (official version)
World Trade Organization: Intellectual property definition
Brad Templeton: Fair use definition
Stanford University: A Fair(y) Use Tale

Copyright court cases
Music copyright case (YouTube overlay)
Song parody copyright case
Happy Birthday: YouTube 1 You Tube 2 Snopes
Plagiarism copyright case
Valedictorian copyright case
Tattoo copyright case 2011
Tattoo copyright case 2005
The Code of Best Practices for Media Literacy Education
Soapbox photo
Newspaper image clipping generator tool
Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog: Copyright series
Student-created copyright PSA
Brigham Young University: Checklist for Fair Use
Center for Social Media: Recut, Reframe, Recycle
Roger, Rojer, & Phillips. Sharing Creative Works
Creative Commons Spectrum of Rights comic
Creative Commons
Creative Commons and the classroom
Copyright on campus video
Creative Commons: Search Tool
Creative commons Bulletin board (printable)
Flickr Storm
flickr: The Commons
Duke University: Center for the Study of the Public Domain comic
SIAA: Don't Copy that 2 (School version)
Joyce Valenza: Copyright-friendly wiki
Library of Congress: American Memory Collection
NOAA Photo Library
Smithsonian Flickr Images
David Warlick: Teacher permission and student permission letters
Question Copyright: Public Perception of Copyright video
Copyright Clearance Center: Copyright Basics video

Copyright Lesson Plans and Resources
Copyright Lesson Plan (Grade 8)
Copyright Kids (Elementary/Middle)
Copyright Laws: From Digital Reprints to Downloads (6-8)
Campaigning for Fair Use: PSAs on Copyright Awareness (6-8)
Exploring Plagiarism, Copyright, and Paraphrasing (6-8)
Online Music
Steven Anderson's Creative Commons and Copyright Livebinder
Library of Congress: Taking the Mystery out of Copyright (3-6)
Understanding YouTube and Digital Citizenship

Copyright-Friendly Sites
Joyce Valenza's Wiki of Sites
Some of her favorites
Library of Congress American Memory Collection Photographs
NOAA Photo Library
Smithsonian Flickr Collection