Technology Assessments

All certified Edgewood employees are required to demonstrate their technology proficiency by completing the EISD's Technology Assessments.

Edgewood's Technology Assessments are based on SBEC's Technology Applications Standards for Teachers. SBEC's Technology Applications Standards are divided into eleven standards, however, regular classroom teachers are only required to demonstrate proficiency in Standards I - V. These standards outline the basic knowledge and skills a teacher needs in order to be proficient in a 21st century classroom. Standards VI - XI are reserved for high school computer science teachers.

We understand that teachers are very busy and do not have much time to spend in classes learning skills they may have already acquired. That's why Edgewood's Technology department has replaced the old Technology Assessments with a new assessment program. With this program, teachers can "challenge" the Technology Assessments by simply taking a pre-assessment with a campus ITF. These pre-assessments use a bank of knowledge and skills questions to assess the technology skill-level of each individual. A teacher scoring 80% or better on the pre-assessment has positively demonstrated that they are proficient in the SBEC Standards. However, if a teacher scores below an 80% on their pre-assessment, then a series of learning modules based on the questions missed in the pre-assessment will be assigned to the teacher. The teacher can then work on the modules at home or during their conference time. The learning modules are available 24/7 to fit the active lifestyles of teachers.

Phase III of the EISD Technology Assessments include a web component. Every certified professional is required to have a web-presence on the EISD SchoolWires web. Not every web will be exactly alike. Your position on the district will determine the look and use of your web. For example: A district specialist will construct a department web to meet the needs of the teachers in that core area, while a teacher will construct a web that meets the needs of students and parents of students in that teacher's classroom. A good classroom web should be based on the web bundle assigned to each teacher. The web bundle included the following pages:

  • Teacher Home page - an introductory page, otherwise known as your home-page. Place information on this page that would be useful to visitors. All subsequent pages will hyperlink back to the home-page.
  • Course Description - This is where you describe course expectations and objectives based on content area TEKS. You could also place your course syllabus, classroom rules & consequences and supply list on this page. You are welcome to add any other relevant elements to this page.
  • Helpful Links Page - links to offsite resources
  • Instructional Resources - is the page you teach from on a regular basis. All of your lesson plans and teaching resources can be placed on this page. Students can use this page to review concepts and information that have already been covered. Resources that could be stored on this page include hand-outs, PowerPoints, WebQuests, etc...
  • Student Showcase - is where you can place student work for everyone to see. Remember to use only the first names of students and do not place a visible grade on their work
  • Classroom Calendar - a good place to place upcoming events to remind students and parents alike

Teachers can add many other pages to their web to meet the vision and needs of their classroom. However, you should include a podcasting page as well as a blogging page to give your students the chance to use the 21st century skills they will learn in your classroom.

Once you've created your classroom web-- you'll need to get your Technology Teacher to review your web to make sure it meets the district standards for Phase III. Your Technology Teacher will review your web using a rubric and offer helpful suggestions on how to improve your web for your classroom. Be sure to keep your web updated to reflect current events. Once your Technology Teacher approves your classroom web for Phase III, and faxes the SchoolWires Website Evaluation Rubric to the Instructional Technology Office, then you have successfully completed the EISD Technology Assessments.