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Hello everyone!!

Welcome to the Laserfiche support web page! Throughout the web page you will find FAQs, surveys, notes, presentations, among other helpful information.

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How is Laserfiche used in Edgewood ISD?

Edgewood ISD began using Laserfiche in 2012 in the Human Resources Department for record keeping for employees. A few months later the Technology Department took over the Laserfiche product and started integrating workflows, online forms, and approval paths to the Human Resources procedures and on-boarding processes. Currently the Human Resources Department has many online forms including: Employee processing packets, New Hire Forms, Status Change Forms, PR Forms,and Resignation/Retirement Forms. These processes led for other departments to get their forms online using Laserfiche Forms and has grown ever since. In addition to online forms, Laserfiche is also used for the Business/Finance Department to pay invoices, submit requisitions, save PO's, check runs, and record keeping for auditing purposes with the use of online forms and workflows that are also used for the Accounting Department, Accounts Payable Department, and Purchasing Department. With over 100 online forms and over 100 workflows, Laserfiche has created a paperless environment for Edgewood ISD.

Current Laserfiche products:

Online: Laserfiche Forms

Online: Laserfiche Web Client

Desktop Client: Laserfiche Desktop Client

Laserfiche Administrator

Armando Ontiveros

E-mail: armando.ontiveros@eisd.net

Phone: 210-444-4500 ext 2225