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E.R.I.C. 2017: Pathfinder

ERIC 2015 Cyber-Attack Group Photo

ERIC 2015 Cyber-Attack Group Photo


2014 Edgewood Robotics Invitational Challenge

"Master Disaster" created by Roosevelt Elementary FLL Team

This years challenge has taken on a new flavor with the challenge created by the pride of Edgewood: Roosevelt Elementary's FLL Team and a new location Brentwood Middle School. Once again the invitational has expanded again to include Edgewood, Harlandale, Natalia, Northeast & Southside ISDs.


Edgewood Robotics Shines at State

This year two teams from Edgewood (Loma Park and Stafford Elementary) were selected to represent region 20 in the TCEA State Robotics Tournament April 12, 2014. A total of 60 Middle School and Elementary teams met at Deer Park High School in Houston, Texas to fight it out and demonstrate their engineering prowess. After the dust settled Loma Park and Stafford were the number one and two elementary teams in the state respectively. Loma finished 6th and Stafford 9th overall, the only two elementary teams to finish in the top ten.

2013 Edgewood Robotics Invitational Challenge

"Torrential Rain & Flooding in San Antonio"

More than a year after holding our last challenge in Edgewood the ERC has designed new logo, assembled a team, created a new challenge, invited teams from three other districts, and held our kickoff to present the challenge to the coaches. We are only weeks away from the competition on Saturday, May 18, 2013. Join all Edgewood Elementary and Middle Schools at the Edgewood Gym as we take on teams from Judson, Natalia & North East ISD.
This year's challenge comes to us via Las Palmas Elementary.

Edgewood Annual Robotics Challenge

Techno-Gobble 2011


On November 12, 2011 all ten elementary schools met at the Memorial High School gymnasium for

our first official "Techno-Gobble Robotics Challenge." "Setting the Table" had students making the Thanksgiving dinner and delivering the entrees and side dishes to the "table." The challenge was designed and created by Gardendale & Johnson Elementary; next years' challenge will be created and designed in house by another duo of talented robotics coaches. Edgewood robotics is really taking off, come be a part of the action. Together we can make history!

Photo aboveEISDRobotics

Transfarmers II: The Transplanting (May 2011)

Transfarmers was what the GEAR competition was called and so someone came up with a sequel: The Transplanting. For the first time in our history every school in Edgewood participated in a robotics challenge, be it at GEAR or the District Challenge, all fourteen schools (11 Elementary, 3 Middle) put their teams to the test and we came out victoriously. Ms. Anne Lackner-Messer with the Career and Technology department came on board this year and has helped provide the support piece from the District that we have been sorely missing. Please stay tuned here as more photos and information on GEAR and The District Challenge are posted in the coming weeks. Photo Above