GT Professional Development

30 G/T hours of Training includes (19 TAC §89.2(1)):

  • 18 G/T hours of initial foundation training:
  • Nature and Needs of Gifted Students - Day 1 (6 G/T hours)
  • Identification and Assessment of Gifted Students - Day 2 (6 G/T hours)
  • Curriculum and Instruction of Gifted Students - Day 3 (6 G/T Hours)
  • 12 G/T hours of additional training:
  • Depth and Complexity - Day 4 (6 G/T hours)
  • Creativity - (6 G/T Hours)
  • 6 hour G/T annual update (19 TAC §89.2(1)):

    Professionals who have the 30 G/T hours of training and are service providers for the gifted must have 6 G/T hours of annual professional development in the area of gifted education. Professionals may choose from a variety of offerings from iLearning at ESC-20 or Eduphoria.

    Administrator and Counselor Training (19 TAC §89.2(4))

  • 6 G/T hours Training in Administrator and Counselor Training in Gifted Education
  • Provided at least 3 times a year at ESC-20
  • Edgewood ISD GT Face to Face Opportunities

    Sept. 22, 2018

    Emma Frey Media Center

    8:30 am- 3:30 pm

    GT Day 1: Nature and Needs

    Oct. 6, 2018

    Emma Frey Media Center

    8:30 am- 3:30 pm

    GT Day 2: Identification & Assessment

    Please register on Eduphoria and look for other opportunities. Courses will be labeled GT.

    Edgewood ISD GT Online Opportunities

    Texas Association of Gifted Teacher (TAGT) courses are offered. Please contact your Advanced Academics Designee for access information.

    Region 20 Opportunities

    Edgewood ISD is part of the Region 20 Coop. Therefore, all GT face to face professional development is free for Edgewood teachers, counselors, and administrators. Please search for GT trainings on Connect 20 under keyword G/T. External certificates should be uploaded to Eduphoria.

    Instructions to upload external certificates to Eduphoria