• Geometry and Geometry Pre-AP

    Course Description:

    Geometry is the study of classical Euclidean geometry. This study includes instruction in lines and segments, angles and parallel lines, congruent and similar triangles, proportions in triangles, arcs and segments of circles, right triangles, areas and volumes of geometric figures, properties of quadrilaterals, and constructions.  Technology and manipulatives are incorporated to supplement the learning of geometric concepts.


    Course Timeline:

    First 9 weeks –     Foundations of Geometry, Slope, Distance, and midpoint on the Coordinate Plane,     Quadrilaterals,  Transformations, Logical Reasoning,

    Second 9 weeks – Properties of Lines and Transversals,  Triangles and Their Properties, Corresponding parts of congruent Triangles, Congruent triangle theorems,  Similarity,  Special Right Triangles, trigonometric ratios

    Third 9 weeks –    Exploring Polygons, Circles,  Area and Perimeter, Composite Figures, Three-Dimensional Solids

    Fourth 9 weeks – Surface Area and Volume, Dimensional change, Constructions


    Supplies Needed:

    -     Pencils/Mechanical Pencil                                      *optional 

    -     Notebook Paper (loose-leaf paper)                 -     Ruler*

    -     Red Pens                                                         -     Compass*

    -     Folder with brads                                           -     Protractor*

                                                                                  -     Graphing Calculator (TI-nspire)*



    Grading Policy:

                                        90% – 100%…………A

                                        80% – 89%…………   B

                                        75% – 79%…………   C

                                        70% – 74%…………   D

                                        Below  70%…………  F


    Tests/Notebook check/Participation ….………………………………….………………….. 50%



    Semester Grade:         Semester 1:      50% - First 9 Weeks + Second 9 Weeks            

                                        Semester 2:      50% - Third 9 Weeks + Fourth 9 Weeks            



    Final Grade:               Semester 1 - 50%  

                                        Semester 2 - 50%



    All tests or CBA’s are announced at least two days in advance. Unit tests will cover any concepts that have been taught in the class. An option to improve your grade is making corrections to a test grade that is below a 70. The corrections will add points to the test grade, however, every incorrect problem must be corrected on the "correction sheet(s)" provided by the teacher and the highest possible grade you may obtain is a 70.  You will have one quiz after each unit.  Quizzes can be corrected to a 100 if corrections are acceptable.


    Classwork/Homework is an essential part of Geometry.  You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge of basic algebra and geometry concepts during this course.  In turn, you must show all necessary work step-by-step to receive credit for classwork and homework.  In addition, all problems must be attempted. If not, I have the discretion to refuse to accept the assignment. Late work is unacceptable thus any work turned in after the due date can only receive a maximum grade of a 70%.   No late work will be accepted a week before the end of each nine weeks.



    Notebooks are required for this class. We will use braded folders with notebook paper for our notebooks and they will contain warm-ups, notes, and closure exercises. They will be graded as a summative/test grade every other week. If you are absent, it is up to you to get the missing information from a classmate.  The students’ first Notebook will be given to them and will remain in the class unless given permission. If the notebook is lost, it will be up to the student to replace it.  It is suggested that you have another math folder to take home important homework or classwork assignments.


    If you are absent it is your responsibility to collect missing assignment(s) and notes.  Class notes should be obtained from a fellow classmate.  For each day of an approved (excused) absence, one additional day will be given to complete any missing assignment(s).  If you are absence on the day of a test, it is your responsibility to arrange with the teacher a time and date to make-up the missed test.  

    Scholastic Integrity:

    Scholastic dishonesty shall include, but not be limited to: cheating on quizzes/tests, copying of homework, and the discussion of quizzes/tests to other classes.  The consequence of scholastic dishonesty will come in the form of a zero (0) for that classwork assignment, homework assignment, or test.  In addition, a phone call home to inform your guardians will be made.


    Language and actions in the classroom will be geared towards personal respect and respect towards others.  Racist and Discriminating language WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  This type of language can shut off others from learning so we want to maintain a positive classroom climate. Also any behavior that restricts others from hearing or participating in class is not respectful and will not be permitted. With a positive and respectful attitude, we will get the most out of our year and ensure success.


    The theme of the classroom will be to remain professional at all times. This includes speaking without the use of profanity and without derogatory language.