• Unit 1 Safety

    Posted by Perla Lanzas on 8/25/2014 7:00:00 AM
    In a science lab classroom, safety is of the out most importance.  We need to think before we do.  We need to be concerned for the safety of others and ourselves.  Please analyze the drawing.  Use what you have learned in the past and what we are currently learning in class.  Point out two things that are unsafe in the  class/lab  drawing and explain why the incidents are unsafe.
     At the end of your answer note the following information so I can give you credit.  
    first initial
    last name 
    You have until 9/2/2015 to submit the assignment then I will block any new answers.  Realize I have to approve you answer before it is posted for everyone to see.  So think before you answer.  Email me at planzas@eisd.net if you have any questions.  
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