• Mr. Bryant's Expectations, Rules and Procedures



    ·       Be present

    ·       Be punctual

    ·       Be productive

    ·       Be prepared

    ·       Be positive


    Sit up, Listen, Ask questions (raise hand), Nod, Track the speaker


    Class Rules and Consequences

    1.Respect Everyone

    2.Follow directions quickly

    3.Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings

    4.Makes mart choices

    5.Keep objects, hands, and feet to yourself


    To encourage students to follow these classroom rules, I will recognize and support appropriate behavior. However, if a student chooses to break a rule,they will have decided on the following consequences.


    First time a student breaks a rule:                                        Reminder

    Second time:                                                                        Stay in class 1 minute after bell

    Third time:                                                                           Stay in class 1 minutes after bell + stage 1 referral

    Fourth time:                                                                         All the above + phone call home

    Fifth time:                                                                             Referral and visit to office

    Severe clause:                                                                       Referral and visit to office



    50% Summative: Exams, Quizzes, Projects

    50% Formative: Class participation, Class assignments, Homework

    A=90-100;B=89-80; C=79-75; D=74-70; F= 69 and Below


    When you first enter the classroom:

    ·       Quietly enter room and grab notebook off table (sharpen pencil if needed)

    ·       Immediately go to your assigned seat and clear desk (of everything unnecessary to the lesson).

    ·       Put backpack/bags under desk.Turn off all electronic devices and put away.

    ·       Immediately get to work on your warm up. Do not wait for the bell or for the teacher to signal you to get to work. 


    What if I’m absent?

    ·       Before class begins check the table and assignment box for the previous day’s assignment. Check with partner for class notes. DO NOT complete missing work during class.

    ·       Students have one week to make up missing work.

    ·       Quizzes and exams must be made up after school on tutoring days. Being absent the day prior to a test DOES NOT exempt student from taking the test at the assigned time. 


    Mr. Bryant’s After School Club:

    ·       Students who are missing work and/or fail an exam are required to attend after school tutoring.

    ·       Failure to attend scheduled tutoring will result in a referral and parent conference.


    Bathroom Policy:

    ·       Students are expected to take restroom breaks during passing periods NOT during class.

    ·       In case of emergency,students need to have a pass signed by me before leaving for bathroom or water.


    Cell Phone (and I-Pod)Policy:

    ·       Cell phone and/or I-Pod use is not allowed in the classroom.

    ·       1st offense: item taken, returned after class; 2nd: item returned at end of day; 3rd:item turned into office.