• Special Education Teacher

     Special Education is defined as specially designed instruction, provided at no cost to the parents, that is intended to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability, including: instruction and related services. (www.LRPInstitue.com
    Modifications and Accommodations provide individuals with disabilities the same opportunity to participate in all services and programs that are available to non-disabled individuals. 
    Modifications:  Who do we need to modify for? A child who qualifies for Special Education services in public schools may qualify for modifications in our regular classrooms.  Modifications change what the student is expected to learn and may create a different standard for students with disabilities.  Modifications are provided per ARD meeting.  Modifications may be applied to Instruction, Testing, Grades, Homework, Physical Arrangement of a Classroom, Communication, and/or Behaviors.  It provides the student with opportunity to participate meaningfully and productively along side of other students in the classroom.
    Accommodations:  Provide equal access to the general curriculum and on level assessments.  It does not change the curriculum nor alter testing measures.  Accommodations enable the student to demonstrate what they know through alternate modes of access (auditory, tactile, visual, and multi-sensory).  Categories include Presentation, Response, Setting, and Timing/Scheduling. 
    Policies and Procedures:  Ms. Morales will be providing services to your child for this school year.  In order to give your child and all the students the excellent educational climate they deserve, the expectation is that they follow policies and procedures,
    -Students must comply with the following rules: be prepared to participate, follow teacher directions and school policies, and respect self and others.  Students must have paper, pencil, and/or pen each day.
    Positive Reinforcement:  Students will be given praise, call to home, and rewards.
    Consequences: verbal warning(s), teacher-student conference or Stage 1 referral, call to parent and/or guardian, referral to administrator.