Physical activity programs need to provide children with an environment rich in opportunities for purposeful movement and cognitive development.  The will learn to:
                 >Strengthen listening skills
                 >Distinguish among various auditory cues.
                 >Connect movements with other curricula (e.g., literature and music)
                 >Be responsible in a group environment.
                 >Choose movement patterns based upon their ability.
                 >Verbally describe movement experiences and improve language skills.
                 >Become familiar with school readiness concepts (e.g., numbers, shapes, colors, alphabet,
                   patterning, and sequencing).
                 >Use applications for predicting, patterning, and sequencing that enhance school readiness
                 >Be aware of food and nutrition for healthy eating habits (e.g., games that incorporate
                   farm animals, fruits, vegetables, or other foods; or reading literature that reinforces their 
                   role in healthy food choices).