• 2014-2015 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Syllabus




    There are numerous definitions of geography and many misconceptions.  Geography is not just the memorization of place names and it is not just map making though both of these activities most certainly are important. Students often try to grasp at a definition using a familiar stem,  "geography is the study of ..."  and insert such descriptors as landscapes, mountains, climates, rivers, and people among others. While a definition of this field of study no doubt includes such subject matter, it is essential for the student to understand geography's unique way of studying the world.  Geography for Life defines the two major perspectives of geography as the spatial and ecological perspectives.  These are complemented by the historical and economic perspectives.



    Classroom Objectives

    Possess mastery understanding of the World and its deep-rooted history

    • Master all of the TEKS objectives
    • Hone writing and public speaking skills.
    • Become a great learner and thinker


    Grading Policy

    Expect a minimum of four graded assignments/activities per week.  Only students with EXCUSED absences will be allowed to make up the work; however, remember that it is YOUR responsibility and NOT the teacher’s to get you the missed work.  Previous handouts will be available in the Make-Up work folder. NO MAKE-UP WORK WILL BE GIVEN DURING THE LAST WEEK OF THE SIX-WEEKS GRADING PERIOD OR THE NINE-WEEKS GRADING PERIOD! 


    The Nine-weeks grade is broken down in the following percentages:

    Formative – Daily Assignments

                (i.e. classroom participation/journals/pop quizzes)                                                                                50%

    Summative – Chapter Tests

                   (e.g. oral and written tests and C-Scope Unit Tests)                                                                               50%



    Classroom Policies




    Conduct and Behavior—Students are expected to act in a similar fashion as they would if they were walking into a church.  Furthermore, students are to conduct themselves in the manner which has been set forth in the Student Code of Conduct and the Behavior Contract (SEE Education and Behavior Contract).  Any violations of this Code will result in the appropriate form of discipline deemed necessary. 

    Absences—An absence excuse from the office is your ticket to enter class the following day and also allows you the right to ask for any missed assignments.   Missing work due to excessive absences will only be excused under special circumstances.


    Homework—If we do not finish our assignment in class or it appears that extra practice would be helpful, I will assign homework.  Please note that it is called Homework, which also means you should finish it at home, not the period before my class.  All homework should be placed in the homework box upon entering the classroom at the beginning of the period. Any homework submitted after the tardy bell will be marked LATE and can only earn a maximum grade of 75.   


    Tardy—Three (3) unexcused tardies during a six weeks period will result in one absence and lunch detention.  Excessive tardiness will NOT be tolerated. 


    Restroom Breaks—Students are allowed only 2 (two) restroom breaks per nine-weeks period.  Therefore, plan your restroom breaks wisely.  If at any time students abuse this privilege, restroom break will not be allowed. 


    Cheating/Plagiarism—“Sometimes, all you have this world is your WORD and your BACK, and you shouldn’t have to break them for nobody.” (Tony Montana, Scarface)  Thus, dishonesty is like murder.  So don’t even think about it.


    Required School Supplies

    Please bring the following items with you EVERYDAY

    1. pen / pencil

    2. 90-page spiral notebook

    3. Loose-leaf paper


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