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    Name: JD McClain
    Email Address: juan.mcclain@eisd.net
    Campus Phone number: 210-444-6232

    Welcome to the E.T Wrenn Robotics Page

     Hello Parents,
          My name is J.D McClain, and I will be your childrens Robotics coach for the 2013-2014 school year along with Ms. Luna. We look forward to having a great year learning new things and challenging ourselves mentally. Robotics is a great mix of learning and having fun. We get to build and play with Legos as well as try to solve complex problems utilizing a robotics kit that is included in our club. Our first competition was GEAR, which we participated at on Oct. 12 at UTSA. Our next competion will be FLL, or First Lego League, which the theme for this year is Nature's Fury. The children will have to study different natural disasters and the ways that different entities respond to these disasters. I am very excited, as are the kids, for our upcoming challenges and the many things that we will learn.
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