Expectations for Robotics

       In robotics we compete in UIL competitions, which means that we must also adhere to UIL rules. For your student this means that they must be passing all of their classes with at least a 70. Passing classes is not the only stipulation that we hold our club members to however. As members of the robotics club it is expected that students behavior, while in their day to day classes, be exceptional. This is because their behavior is a reflection of our club and what it stands for. If a student does not pass a class or is found to have less than satisfactory behavior in the classroom, then that student will not be allowed to be in robotics. I also understand that sometimes students receive detentions, however if this behavior is repetitive or nefarious in nature then that student will not be allowed to continue in the robotics program.
       All seriousness aside though, I believe that I have an amazing group of kids this year and we will have zero problems. I look forward to working and learning with the children throughout the school year.