RULES & EXPECTATIONS of the gym



    1.    Be inside the gym before their designated time or they will be considered tardy.

    2.    Bring clothes necessary to participate in PE everyday.

    3.    Students must dress out in PE uniform white/gray t-shirt and black shorts. No other colors will be accepted. Black sweat pants may also be worn. (NO JEANS, NO BLACK JEAN SHORTS, CAPRI PANTS, OR TANK SHIRTS)

    4.    Bring deodorant, and other necessities to keep healthy hygiene.

    5.    Be dressed and ready to participate.

    6.    Stand or be seated in designated class area for roll call.

    7.    Participate in PE activities daily.

    8.    Keep dressing rooms, gym, restrooms, lockers, and shower area clean.

    9.    There will be no tagging or gang graffiti on walls, lockers, or in the gym.

    10.Practice safety at all times. There will be no horse playing.


    12.Remain in the gym until a coach dismisses the class.   

    13.Do not leave the gym without permission or it will be TRUANCY.

    14.Mark PE clothing with your name in case it gets lost.

    15.No personal electronic devices will be used in the gym. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.(MP3s, Ipods, Cell phones, any hand held games, etc.)All items will be confiscated and turned into the Assistant Principals. (Items will only be released to a parent)

    16.Bring a combination lock to secure belongings, submit number to coach.

    17. Know your limitations and those of others.

    18.No eating, chewing gum, or drinking in the gym or locker room without permission.

    19.Bring a completed doctor’s note for any absences or illnesses.

    20.Have respect for your teacher, yourself, and others.


    NOTE: Students who do not come to class with gym clothes will result in these consequences that will greatly affect their grade. Stage 1 will be given out.


    1st time- Conference with teacher and an alternative activity

    2nd time- PE teacher will make a phone contact with parent or guardian.

    3rd time- A conference with parent, student,and teacher.

    4th time- Referral to Asst. Principal with parent conference.


    ** A valid excuse for PE must be in writing from a doctor. It must state possible limitations with doctor’s signature and a release form stating when to participate again.



    Activities will be taught for a 1-week period and lessons will include the following:

    §  Lecture and demonstration on sport or activity
    §  Rules and regulations study sheet
    §  Skill development
    §  STAAR warm-ups and related activities


    §  Health related activities
    §  Team and individual physical challenges
    §  Skills, performance, and written tests




    Students will follow the daily procedures:

    1.    Suit out (5 minutes)
    2.  Fitness warm-ups
    3.    Main Activity
    4.    Cool down
    5.    Change (5 minutes)



Last Modified on April 2, 2017