• Eight Grade Science

    This is an exciting year for our 8th graders.  They will be involved in various projects and  lab activities.  There will also be assigned homework.  The following is the homework polciy of Ms. Kinard's Science Room:
    Homework will be issued every Tuesday.  It is due on the Friday of the same week for full credit.  The latest it can be turned in is Wednesday of the following week for partial credit.  The following is an example:
    Homework is give to the student on 8/25/15.  The due date of this homework is Friday 8/28/15 for full credit.  Student A turns the home work on on Wednesday 9/2/15 and will receive partial credit for the work.  Student B attempts to hand the work in on Thurday 9/3/15.  This date is too late for homework credit. 
    Everyone please make sure that your homework is turned in ON TIME.
     Second Semester

    The following is a list of the topics we will be studying and the order we will follow:page1image6728
    First None Weeks:

    Unit 01: Science Safety (5 days) August 24th - 28

    Unit 02: Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration (10 days)  August 31 - September 14

    Unit 03: Newton's Laws (15 days) September 15th - September 28
    Unit 04: Forces that change the earth  (15 days) September 29 - October 20
    CBA Review/Science Fair  (3 days)  October 21 - October 23
    First 9 week test will be given this week:   (CBA1)

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