• 1st Period

    7th Math 

    8:30 - 9:24

    2nd Period

    7th Pre-AP

    9:27 - 10:21

    3rd Period

    7th Math

    10:24 - 11:18

    4th Period

    8th Math

    11:21 - 1:09


    11:23 - 11:53

    5th Period

    Algebra I

    1:12 - 2:06

    6th Period


    2:09 - 3:03

    7th Period

    8th Math

    3:06 - 4:00

         Gus Garcia Middle School

         8th Grade Math Syllabus

         Christina Hernandez-Rios


         Phone:(210) 444-8075 ext. 2815


    Course Objective

                Welcome to 8th grade math! I am excited to be your teacher this year and am looking forward to getting to know each of you. The 8th grade math class covers several strands of mathematics: expressions and the number system, proportional and nonproportional relationships and functions, equations, inequalities, transformational geometry, statistics, and personal financial literacy. We will develop the ability to explore and solve mathematical problems, think critically, work cooperatively with others, and clearly communicate mathematical ideas. Above all, I hope to have an exciting, fun-filled year and provide an environment where you can explore many mathematical concepts!


    Rules & Classroom Management Policies

    Students are expected to come to class everyday prepared and ready to learn with a positive

    attitude. Students are required to act in a behavior conducive to learning, according to Edgewood ISD code of conduct, those rules established by Gus Garcia Middle School, and those rules established in the classroom by the teacher. If students are not able to follow the rules, they will be disciplined according to the steps and procedures detailed in the Student Handbook.


    Behavior Guidelines

    1. Be responsible: For example: Follow directions the first time, bring all materials to class, and be in your seat before the tardy bell rings (not standing across the room talking)
    2. Be respectful: For example: Do not talk when the teacher is talking, raise your hand for permission to speak, no put-downs, keep hands and feet to yourself, leave others’ belongings alone, if you mess it up please clean it up.
    3. Be your BEST!!!




    1st Offense: Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense: 30 minute lunch detention

    3rd Offense: Call to parent/guardian with referral to office.


    Cell phones will be taken up and turned into the office. Parents will have to pick them up.


    Grade Policy

    Nine Weeks Average                                                                     

    Formative      50%                                                                             A   100 – 90                B 89 – 80

    Summative    50%                                                                             C    79 – 75                 D   74 – 70

    F   69 and below

    Students may make-up any assignments below a 70 for a maximum grade of a 70.

    Class work: Participation in class activities and class assignments are important to informally assess student learning and understanding. All students are expected to participate in class. Students will receive a participation grade on a daily basis. Participating in note-taking is a

    part of the class experience. Students are expected to take notes in their composition notebooks (journals) or 3-ring binder. The notes can be may be used on the quizzes (Teacher’s discretion). Students are responsible for any work missed during the instructional hour. All work must be done in pencil (10 pts. will be deducted)


    Homework: Students will receive homework everyday including weekends/holidays to enforce key math concepts. Homework should be done in pencil (10 pts. will be deducted). Students are expected to complete and turn in all homework in a timely manner (within the same week.) Homework is usually due the next day, unless otherwise specified by the teacher, (within the same week.) In most cases, homework will be graded on effort and completion. Homework will be place in the in-trays that are labeled with you class period.


    Quizzes: A quiz will be given at the conclusion of every week in preparation for the Unit test. Students are allowed to replace previous quiz grades satisfactory or unsatisfactory with the current week’s quiz so long as there is a parent signature on the previous quiz. This is only for quizzes not District Test.


    Tests: A test will be given at the conclusion of every chapter/unit. Students will have a review the day before the test, which will include sample test questions. Tests should be completed independently. Using notes (only when teacher allows foldables), talking, or cheating during a test is NOT allowed.(Teacher's discretion) If a student is found doing such things, he/she will receive a 0% on the test and can not make up

    the test.

    NOTE: All Assessments (test/quizzes) will stay inside of the classroom in the students’ folder. If a student is absent, he or she is able to make up missed quizzes or test, (it is the student's responsibility to communicate with the teacher for make-ups.)However, they must stay after school or during lunch; unless time is given in class.


    Late/Make-Up Work

    Students are responsible for obtaining any missed work when they are absent. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up their missed work. Students are allowed to complete the assignments at home and return to the in-tray. It is the students’ responsibility to complete it and turn it in within a timely manner, (example: If a student is absent Monday, the student will turn in assignment on Wednesday.). Notes and other missing assignments must be obtained from another student, it is the student's responsibility to ask a classmate for notes or teacher. Student's will be given 10 pts. deduction for each day assignment is turned in late.



    I will have tutorials several times each week. Specific days will be announced during class. If days and times change students will be notify the day of or a day before. Students may attend tutorials with another math teacher if I am unavailable. There will be some Saturday School that will be mandatory to attend.


     Other afterschool tutoring and Saturday School will be provide by the school --TBA 





    One Team, One Goal, NO LIMITS! Gus Garcia Middle School







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