Special Education Syllubus

    Gus Garcia Middle School

    Special Education Syllabus





    CaseManagers:  We can all be reached at444-8075 ext.

                       Debra Garcia: dagarcia@eisd.net

                       Special Ed. Lead Teacher/CaseManager: 8th Grade

                       Darlene Diamond: darlene.diamond@eisd.net

                       Special Ed. Lead Teacher/CaseManager: 7th Grade

                       Dorothy Ybarra: dybarra@eisd.net

                       Case Manager 7th & 6thGrade

                       Danny Castro: danny.castro@eisd.net

                       Case Manager 6th Grade

    LSSP:  Can be reached at 444-8085

    Natasha Wright: nwright@eisd.net



    AsCase Managers were are responsible and accountable for holding ARD’s andensuring that all special education students are receiving the appropriateservice as per ARD.  It is our job tocollaborate with you and let you know how your students are doing and to letyou know about their progression.  Pleaseknow that we are first and foremost here for our students (your child), but weare here for you and your concerns as well. Please feel free to contact us at any time.   If we are not available at the time of yourcall, know that you will hear back from us within 24 hours. 



    1. Get Parent Connection!

    With ParentConnection, you can check your child’s grades and missing assignments on thecomputer.  Contact the middle school office to get a login address andpassword. 


    1. Go to www.eisd.net

    With this website,you can click on Gus Garcia Middle School and look at teacher’s lesson plansand email them with any questions you have.  Plus, you can find out whatis going on at the middle school and upcoming tests.


    1. If you have a question about your child’s grade or missing assignments please follow these steps:

    a.      Pleasetalk with your child first---if you’re still concerned.......

    b.     Contactthe classroom teacher by phone or through email (use the Edgewood website andclick on Gus Garcia Middle School Faculty to find email information)........

    c.      Ifyou are still concerned,please contact your child’s case manager by phone (before/after school orduring plan time) or by email.


    4.     Servicesthat we provide to our Special Education Students

    ·        Co-Teaching:  This is where the Special Education teachergoes into the ELAR or Math class to teach hand in hand with the GeneralEducation teacher by pulling small groups within the class mixed with generalpopulation and special population for intense extended teaching and guidedpractice throughout the whole class period. This will take place two to three times a week.

    ·        Support Facilitation:  This is where the Special Education teachergoes into a ELAR or Math class 20 minutes two to three times a week to providesupport to special education students with help that need moderate extendedteaching and help with guided practice.

    ·        External Support: This is wherethe Special Education teacher collaborates with the General Education teacherto see how the student is doing in class and if any extra support isneeded.  This is normally 10 minutes oncea week.  Student is completelymainstreamed.


    If you do not have computer access, please do notlet that stop you from communicating with us. Please feel free to contact the case manager of your child as well asthe teachers if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.  We look forward to working with you and yourchildren as we embark in an exciting year of transformation at Gus Garcia.  There are many good things to come thisschool year and together we can make this the most successful year ever yet.


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