•  English Language Arts & Reading


    5th grade English Language Arts and Reading class is the forum for students to explore and understand the past, present, and future through literature and writing.  By reading various genres of literature; such as mystery, science fiction, poetry and historical fiction; students will broaden, relate to, and share each other’s perspectives.  Their voices will not only be heard through discussions about literature, but through their writing as well.  Through encouragement, support, and fun, ELAR will successfully educate and hopefully inspire our young writers and readers to become authors. 


     We will read a variety of genres, to include several novels, poems, short stories, and expository text.  We will use reading strategies to help us become better readers.  The strategy we use daily is the following.  This is expected to be on ALL passages that are read in class or given for homework. Students know to create a table and include the strategy below.                                          



    Text type

    Text features

    Review questions

    Read and summarize

    50/50 and answer questions                                                




    Good readers will become great writers!  Reading and writing go hand in hand.  We will write personal narratives, information essays, poetry, and creative stories.  We will focus on grammar, sentence structure, mechanics (spelling, penmanship, capitalization, and punctuation).  Students will learn how to express themselves through words.

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  • Social Studies
    United States History 
    5th grade social studies encompasses United States history from early explorers up to more current history.  The curriculum is broken down into 9 weeks with each student receiving a weekly newspaper with stories and facts for a specific time period.  The first 9 weeks covers The Age of Discovery, colonial settlements, the 13 colonies, independence from England, and the Revolutionary War.  We will view educational videos, read primary sources, and create products to show our understanding of history.
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