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    Girl Scout Advantage

    Girls need a safe, nurturing environment to help them grow strong -- physically, mentally and emotionally -- and they can find it in the Girl Scouts. Girl Scouting encourages girls to make decisions, try new activities, give back to their communities, and feel proud of their accomplishments. In the process, girls build confidence, increase self-esteem, and clarify values.

    Girl Scouting draws its strength from a variety of factors: a well-researched program, age-appropriate activities, and dedicated adult leadership.
    Girl Scout membership is open to all girls ages 5-17 who accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas serves girls regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, economic status, or disability. Its program is accessible to all girls who are physically and developmentally disabled. National membership is $12 per year however, scholarships are available; a Girl Scout uniform is not required.