Kibodeaux Bluebonnet Competition

    The Kibodeaux Bluebonnet Competition will be held in the Spring of 2014.

    The Kibodeaux Bluebonnet Competition is open to 3rd to 5th grade students. Students must read at least 5 of the nominated Texas Bluebonnet books in order to be considered to be on the Stafford Bluebonnet Team.


    Students need to show knowledge of the books read by passing the Accelerated Reader quiz for the book.


    Talk to Mrs. Gottman if you are interested in competing and representing Stafford Elementary.


    This year's nominees are:

    - Giants Beware!

    - The One and Only Ivan
    - Laugh with the Moon
    - Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
    - Tua and the Elephant
    - Flying the Dragon
    - Waiting for the Magic
    - Whatever After: Fairest of All
    - Ghetto Cowboy
    - Wonder
    - The Humming Room
    - Glory Be
    - Walls within Walls
    - Bake Sale





Last Modified on January 15, 2014