• Stafford Elementary
    Accelerated Reader
    Accelerated Reader can be accessed at https://hosted42.renlearn.com/237110/

    Accelerated Reader Code of Conductrules
    The purpose of the Accelerated Reader program is to encourage reading and improve reading skills. With this in mind, students are expected to follow the rules described below:
    1.  Students may only take tests on books that they have read or that someone has read to them.
    2.  Students may not take  a test on a book which has been made into a movie unless they have read the book.
    3.  Students may not take tests for other students.
    4. Students may not discuss AR questions or answers with other students.
    Students who break the rules with face the following consequences:
    1. The test or tests involved in the cheating incident will receive a score of 0.
    2. The student may lose the opportunity to earn AR rewards.
Last Modified on July 26, 2017