The K-5 Visual Arts Program


    The Elementary Art Program here at Stafford is founded on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements and has been organized by the EISD fine arts department to follow a Scope and Sequence to ensure alignment throughout the district .This curriculum is based on four basic strands: Perception, Creative Expression/Performance, Historical and Cultural Heritage and Critical Evaluation. Last year our district adopted the "Explorations in Art" textbook series for K-5, so this will be used as a guide to lead us through the Art curriculum. 

    Student assignments will work to develop the students understanding of Art in our world throughout he study of Art History and the Elements and Principles of Art and Design which include: Line, Shape, Color, Space,Value, Form, Texture, Pattern, Rhythm, Proportion, Balance, Variety, Movement, Unity, and Emphasis. Students will learn to recognize these elements and principles both in art and in their environment, and apply them in their work to create more effective designs. 
    Students rely on their perceptions of the environment as inspiration for creating artworks. These perceptions are developed through increasing visual awareness and sensitivity to their surroundings, memories, imagination, and life experiences. They are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas creatively, while challenging their imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By developing disciplined effort and analyzing art history from various periods and cultures, students will develop a deeper respect for the traditions and contributions of our diverse population. This will, in turn, enable them to analyze and respond to a variety of artworks, problems and themes from a more informed perspective, which will contribute to the development of lifelong skills of making critical judgments and evaluations. In this class, we will also learn of the connections between Art, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Geography, and even Music. Art is everywhere and everything around us. The process of making and understanding art, takes us through a journey of the world, its life, the people, the places, the objects, the creatures, and the events, past, present and future. 
    Throughout the year, we will be participating in various art contests both in and out of district. These contests provide an opportunity for students to showcase their work throughout our community, win scholarship and gain funds to help support the art program here at Stafford. Last year we participated in The Texas Cavaliers Art Contest which earned one of our students a summer scholarship to the Southwest School of Arts, her art was featured in San Antonio's Fiesta Magazine and granted our school $3000.00 for art supplies!! 
    Priscilla   Way To Go!!
    The study of Art provides our students with many opportunities to express their creativity and create a culture which celebrates art and the artists which create it.
    Students will receive 2 grades in Art. One for Content Knowledge and Performance, and the other for Citizenship. 
    Student assignment grades will be determined by the following criteria:
    Completion- Was the work finished and on time?
    Craftsmanship- Did the student do their best work?
    Objectives- Were the objectives for the assignment met?
    Citizenship- Does the student follow classroom rules and procedures? 

    Some important things to keep in mind: art

    This class is hands-on and project based, so it can get messy!  Although the supplies we use are washable and non-toxic, some colors, such as red and black, can possibly stain clothing. To keep this from happening, you can check your child's schedule for their art day and have them wear clothing that is o.k... for art mishaps (perhaps an older uniform shirt, or have them bring in an art smock or old t-shirt that is easy to pull on.) I do provide apron and shirts, which are washed regularly, but students may be more comfortable with their own. 

    I am looking forward to a successful and enjoyable year!
Last Modified on July 28, 2017