• Course Description

    Music is taught in grades k-5.  Students will learn vocabulary, rhythms and show beat in many different ways.  They will learn how to read musical notation, and perform music for patriotic, seasonal, and holiday celebrations.  The songs are age-appropriate and the listening are both inspiring and at the heart of the program.  The students will learn to describe and analyze musical sounds and will be able to demonstrate musical artistry.  The students will have a varied repertoire of music.  The students will relate music to history , to society, and to culture.  The students will respond and evaluate the performances.
    We use the ARMOR code in music:
    Arrive ready by being in your seat.
    Be Resposible with keeping hands and feet to yourself.
    Move towards success by singing and participating in all activities in the class.
    Own your behavior by taking care of yourself.
    Be Respectful by not talking while the teacher is giving instructions.

Last Modified on September 20, 2013