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    Cindy Gwinn
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    Read to open your world to new adventures!  

    Greetings to all!  I have enjoyed teaching at Stafford for 17 years.  I received my Education degree from UTSA in 1995 and started teaching here at Stafford as a 1st grade teacher.  I taught Kindergarten for 2 years and for the last 7 years I have worked as the Acelerated Instruction Teacher.  In 2011 I received my Masters in Advanced Literacy from Concordia University.  I currently service students in reading and math instruction through several formats.   
    One of my responsibilities is to provide support to our teachers with Thinking Maps.  Thinking Maps are tools for our students to use during any content or activity.  Students use these tools to deepen understanding and extend their thinking about all topics.  I also support the implementation of Literacy Coaching.  Literacy Coaching is a set of strategies that also help students broaden their connections to the learning presented in the classroom. 
    I currently service students in reading and math instruction through several formats.  For more information on all the curriculum available for intervention instruction, please visit my curriculum page.  I work with students in all grade levels, mostly in small group pull out sessions. 
    I enjoy encouraging students to read and finding ways to excite them about literature.  Reading expands our thinking and opens so many doors for us!
    What are my favorite times and places to read?  I love to read on a rainy or cold day!  When nobody is home and it is quiet, I like to curl up in a big stuffed chair with my book.  It is also enjoyable to read when we are traveling!  I read about the places we are going, the things we will see, and then share what I learn with my family.
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