• Library Rules and Expectations

    Librarian Reading

    Entrance Procedures

    Students are expected to be fully prepared, which includes bringing their student ID cards, library books, AR/Library folder, and pencil and having their shirts tucked in.

    Students must line up outside the door in a single file and be at a Level 0 (no talking).

    As students walk in, they must present their library books to the librarian with the books' barcodes facing up so they can be scanned for check in.

    Students will place their checked in books on a provided bookcart in a neat fashion.

    Students will sit properly in a chair at a table, place their materials under the chair, and await further instruction.

    Exit Procedures

    Students will stand, gather their materials, and push their chairs under the table.

    Students will pick up any papers, pencils or other objects left on the table or on the floor and dispose of them properly.

    Students will line up at the exit door at a Level 0 (no talking) and wait for the teacher to escort them back to class. 

Last Modified on June 3, 2015