• What We Are Learning

  • Decimals! Decimals! Decimals!

    We will begin our unit of study with expanded notation.  Being able to write numbers in expanded notation will help us better understand the value of numbers.  Later in science (think middle and highschool) this skill will become useful as well.

    We will also work on comparing and ordering decimals to the thousandths place.  We will need to be able to take information from a table or chart and apply this skill to the data collected.  Students will continue to develop their skills in rounding by learning to round decimals to the hundredths place. 

    Later in the nine weeks we will use our knowledge of basic operations and apply that to solving problems where decimals are involved. 

    Want to help your child get ahead?  Perhaps allowing him/her to go shopping with you and calculating a running total as you shop will allow students a real world opportunity to apply the skills we are learning in the classroom.

  • We will travel back in time to learn about how our nation started. 

    We will begin this time travel by analyzing documents to learn about the original thirteen colonies.  We will learn about the causes of the American Revolution.  Students will also research characteristics of colonial leaders and our founding fathers. 

Last Modified on October 9, 2017