Everything You Need to Know About being a Soaring Falcon

    Every student must master their Math TEKS.
    Language Arts/Writing
    Each school year, students in 4th Grade will be required to take the STAAR test for Writing. This test takes place over two days. Each testing day consists of 1) multiple choice passages in which students use their editing and revision skills and 2) written compositions. Students write a narrative composition on one testing day and an expository composition on the other testing day. We do not know which composition will take place on which day. Throughout the year, students practice crafting multiple types of compositions and also practice determining which type of writing is appropriate based on the prompt they are given.
    This year, I will be part of Roosevelt's Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS). We also utilize CHAMPS to help with classroom management. Through CHAMPS, students are cognizant of the appropriate conversation level based on the current activity (for example, Voice Level 1 = whisper), what to do if they need help, what activity is taking place, what type of movement is acceptable/required for the activity, and what type of participation should be taking place. Students who consistently follow CHAMPS expectations are well on their way to success.
Last Modified on August 18, 2016