All About 4th Grade!


    In fourth grade, students must master their multiplication and division facts. These facts are key to being able to understand other concepts in math such as converting units of measurement. In addition, students will continue to build a strong understanding of the base-ten number system, fractions, and decimals. We will learn to solve multi-step word problems and work on developing number sense. My goal is to develop mathematically proficient students. This can be achieved when students  deeply understand mathematics.  
    Social Studies
    In fourth grade, our focus is on Texas. Students learn about our state's history and its regions. Topics covered include Native Americans of Texas, exploration and missions, colonization, key battles in the fight for Texas independence, the impact of the Civil War on Texas, and Texas citizenship.
    We begin each school year reviewing science safety rules, science tools, and the scientific process. Throughout the year we learn aspects of physical science (such as forms of energy), earth science (such as renewable versus nonrenewable resources), and life science (such as inherited traits and learned behaviors). Scientific learning takes place in the lab, outdoors, as well as in the classroom.
    Roosevelt uses Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS). We also utilize CHAMPS to help with classroom management. Through CHAMPS, students are cognizant of the appropriate conversation level based on the current activity (for example, Voice Level 1 = whisper), what to do if they need help, what activity is taking place, what type of movement is acceptable/required for the activity, and what type of participation should be taking place. Students who consistently follow CHAMPS expectations are well on their way to success.