• Tell Me More About Fourth Grade!
    Social Studies
    In fourth grade, our focus is on Texas.  Students learn about our state's history and its regions.  Topics covered include Native Americans of Texas, exploration and missions, colonization, key battles in the fight for Texas independence, the impact of the Civil War on Texas, and Texas citizenship.
    Reading skills and concepts are mastered through whole group instruction, small group instruction, and literacy centers.  Some skills parents can help students practice at home include determining the meaning of unknown words by using context clues, using textual evidence to support answers, and determining the main idea. 
    Students are expected to use reading passage/comprehension strategies on all reading passages.    
    Students set Accelerated Reader (AR) goals each nine weeks.  They may take AR tests during breakfast time as well as during literacy centers.  Please remember that this is a key part of the Reading program. 
    Language Arts/Writing
    In March of each school year, students take the STAAR test for Writing.  This test takes place over two days.  Each testing day consists of 1) multiple choice passages in which students use their editing and revision skills and 2) written compositions.  Students write a narrative composition on one testing day and an expository composition on the other testing day.  We do not know which composition will take place on which day.  Throughout the year, students practice crafting multiple types of compositions and also practice determining which type of writing is appropriate based on the prompt they are given. 
    Students are expected to use all required revising and editing passage strategies whenever they complete multiple choice writing passages.  This includes passages completed for homework, in class, on CBA tests, and on STAAR.
    Cisneros uses Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS).  In fourth grade, we also utilize CHAMPS to help with classroom management.  Through CHAMPS, students are cognizant of the appropriate conversation level based on the current activity (for example, Voice Level 1 = whisper), what to do if they need help, what activity is taking place, what type of movement is acceptable/required for the activity, and what type of participation should be taking place.  Students who consistently follow CHAMPS expectations are well on their way to success.
    Dress Code
    Uniform for girls:  White or maroon plain (no logo) polo-style or long-sleeved shirt with collar (shirt must be tucked in) along with dark navy blue or khaki slacks, walking shorts, skirts, or dresses (shorts, skirts, and dresses may be no shorter than 4 inches above the knees)
    Uniform for boys:  White or maroon plain (no logo) polo-style or long-sleeved shirt with collar (shirt must be tucked in) along with dark navy blue or khaki slacks or walking shorts (shorts may be no shorter than 4 inches above the knees)
    Uniform also includes a belt when clothing has belt loops.
    Additional rules regarding dress code do apply and were listed on the Student Dress Code form which was signed by parents/guardians and students at the beginning of the school year (or upon registration for new students.)  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the dress code.
    Exceptions to uniform:  College Day is on Wednesdays.  On College Day, students may wear their uniform or any appropriate college/university shirt with their uniform bottoms.  T-shirts must be tucked in.  Spirit Day is on Fridays.  On Spirit Day, students may wear their uniform or a school spirit shirt (such as Mustang, STAAR, Bluebonnet, UIL, CIS, or Counseling shirt -- any shirt purchased from or provided by Roy Cisneros Elementary) with blue or black jeans.  T-shirts must be tucked in. 
    AttendanceIt is important for our students to be in school each day and to arrive on time.  The first bell rings at 7:40 AM, and all students should be in class by 7:45 AM to eat breakfast and begin their instructional day.  Students arriving after 7:50 AM are considered late and will need to report to the office to get a tardy slip from office staff.  Please let us know if your child is ill and will be out.  Please make every effort possible to help your student be successful by stressing the importance of being in school.
    If you have any questions about our curriculum, strategies for reading and/or writing passages, CHAMPS, or anything else in the classroom, please contact me at 444-7850.    
Last Modified on September 17, 2014