• Personal Leadership Credo
    These are the leadership values and guiding principles that I will live by.  I may stumble in my drive to live up to them, but I will always hold myself 100% accountable to each value/principle.  I will evaluate my daily actions against these principles and I will ask my teams, peers and leaders to do the same.
    Vision and Leadership
    My goal is to make our students successful.  My purpose in life is to create an environment that promotes high caliber learning.  I will do whatever it takes to remove excuses from the lack of learning.  I will create an environment where you can speak openly without fear of retribution as long as your speech is not harmful to others.
    I will earn your trust by being a good listener and remaining confidential in personal matters.  I will be honest and complete in my communications.  I will not hesitate to make the tough decisions although they may not be popular.  I will use reliable information when making decisions.  I will have a personal relationship with the staff and faculty of our school.
    Responsibility and Accountability
    I will accept the responsibility for my shortcomings.  I will not place blame on others. I will be a constant learner.  I will follow through with my commitments.  I will know my limitations and will ask others for help.  I will hold myself accountable for the results of the students at Gus Garcia MS. I will take the responsibility for the success or the shortcomings of our instructional program.
    Caring and Fairness
    I will treat everyone with fairness.  I will not show preferential treatment to others, but I will have individual consideration.  I will act with consistency in all that I do.  I will demonstrate empathy by being there during difficult times.